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Too many young leaders are not reaching their potential because they struggle with the unique challenges facing them in ministry today.

I have a proven system for young leaders That will engage their minds, form their hearts, and equip their hands to become effective leaders. I give them tools to solve the complex issues so they can pursue their God-given calling.

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About Me

I used to think that ministry was going to be an easy. It was an inside job, you got to eat a lot of pizza and there was no heavy lifting.

Today, after serving in student ministries for 7 years and now with three as the Executive Pastor of a large, multisite and multi-staff church on my resume, I realize I know that ministry is a lot of work.

It is a job that I love and I would never do anything else. I am thankful for the help I have received along the way.

After graduating with a ministry degree in 2007, I entered ministry with little idea of how to lead myself, cultivate necessary ministry skills like preaching and counselling and navigate practical leadership issues I was facing. I encountered many difficult seasons of learning and growth as I grew and implemented the rhythms, habits, and patterns of healthy Christian leadership.

Many people have helped me become the man that I am today. It is a privilege now to be able to do the same for others.

My role as coach is to come alongside young church helping them navigate the issues that I encountered along the way.

I am grateful to be married to Krista, and be the father of Hannah, Micah, and Mattea.

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Pursuing Full Coaching Certification

Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies -
Knox Theological Seminary

Ordained in the Christian & Missionary Alliance of Canada

What Others Say

Chris is constantly directing me back to Jesus, pushing me to face my fears. I began working with Chris just prior to beginning my first pastoral role. My passion for the ministry was huge but my insecurities and fears were keeping me from being able to fully embrace the change that was coming. His leadership, wisdom, and continued support has helped to greatly increase my confidence as a step into my current role.

- Cody Barendregt, Associate Youth Pastor, Kamloops Alliance Church

Working with Chris has helped me gain a better understanding of where God has called me to serve in the local church.

He has helped develop my ministry skills and become a better follower of Jesus. Chris takes a holistic approach, not only working on skills and competencies, but caring for me on a heart and character level as well. Chris is passionate about giving young leaders many opportunities to try and fail, allowing growth and development to happen along the way.

- Paul Numrich, Ambrose University Graduate

Chris Throness is an exceptional leader and leadership trainer. Chris was exceptional with our camp staff team at Eagle Bay Camp. Our staff team loved his passion, his knowledge of Scripture, and his personal side. They were engaged, and excited to learn. Chris loves to teach and draw qualities out of young people they never knew existed. Our staff were well prepared, challenged and throughly equipped for the summer of camp ministry. I highly recommend Chris’ services to you.

- Ric Cyr, Director, Eagle Bay Camp

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Here's How We Work Together


I'd love to hear your story, find out what you are struggling with and discern if we would work well together.


I will make sure you are clear on what it looks like when we work together and you can decide how to take the next steps on your journey.


With two, sixty minute coaching calls a month, you will learn new tools, develop leadership skills and become empowered to be the leader God has called you to be.

Young leaders today face challenges that have derailed many promising careers.

If you are doing your best to navigate through issues of calling, leadership, and struggling with problems, do not miss the window to call me and ask for help.

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